Why Build Relationships

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

There are many different ways to build relationships with your team or employees, but today I wanted to discuss why it's important to build those relationships. I know this will take some of you out of our comfort zone, but if you take heed to what I consider to be the two biggest reasons to build relationships with your team...I'm sure you will find the nerve to take the first step.

Before I get into my reasons, I'd like to put forward that you need to get out of the boss or manager mentality. Those people dictate, micromanage and basically reduce staff to check marks in a box. Leaders find ways to elevate others to succeed through connection and support. In it's base form, try to shift your mindset from "me and you" to "us and we".

Alright my first reason why I feel building relationships with my team is important is Excellence. People naturally want to do well at work, common sense right?But having a team that knows they are more than a cog in a wheel, creates the desire to take ownership and pride in their work. They will not only want to do well, they will want to burst through your expectations.

The second reason, Trust. Building the bonds of trust creates an engaged and empowered team. It takes a team from doing ok, to crushing it. When you have trust, communication improves, it gives way for new ideas and they become more committed to the team goals and objectives. Which in turn, goes right back to excellence.

So, as we are in the first month of the year how about considering taking some steps to build your relationship with your team. Come out from behind your desk. Have short casual conversations with your team and try to understand (meaning ask questions) what is important to them and why they do what they do.

That's it for this week, get out there and Lead everyone!

- Renata