Which problem has your focus?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I've been fighting a losing battle with moles in my yard for the last month. I've set traps and bait. Smashed trails...and all it seems to be doing is spurring them on to do more damage. Every morning there are more hills and I don't mean little hills, some of them are 8-12" high RIGHT NEXT to the trap.

They obviously have a sense of humor...where I am losing mine.

Then my husband so eloquently pointed out that I was only addressing the problem as I saw it, moles doing damage to my property.

That got me thinking, we kind of do this in life don't we? And those of us to are responsible for leading others can sometimes spend a lot of time putting out fires. Sometimes that feels like that's all we do, addressing the problem as we see it.

If you have a person or even your team that consistently is creating issues that need to be solved, why do you rush in and solve that problem? Why not let them dig themselves out of the hole? Or, if that's not possible, maybe slow down and take a step back to look at the root cause of what is happening. Why do they keep repeating the same mistakes? Why are they making the choices they are making? And keep digging down (or asking why) until you get to the underlying issue. Then fix it there so all of you can move on to more productive endeavors.

My husband wasn't doing much to help me with the mole issue other than laughing at my Bill Murray references and my utter frustration as a mole catcher. Then he says, "Renata...you just need to kill their food. We need to get rid of the grubs." Right...so I can address the root problem or I might just end up like Bill Murray in Caddyshack and start lighting some dynamite no matter the outcome.

I have 5 bags of organic grub control arriving tomorrow.

Lead with greatness everyone.