Team Culture - Reflection

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

It's already in December. The end of the year came quickly. In 2018 I was fortunate to speak at a few events regarding team culture and how we all have a part to play in our team's overall culture. It not ONLY the Leaders responsibility.

I also did a short post on this topic back in August where I discussed using the HOT method of communication. HOT meaning Honest, Open, and Transparent. In my heart of hearts, I know that if each of us does our part to emulate these qualities, so much drama, re-work, and the sometimes full-on nonsense that happens at work would quickly disappear. If you don't know what I mean, go back and read the post from August. It won't take long, I promise!

As we start to wind down the year and start heading into the silly season, I would love to challenge all of you to do a bit of reflection. For me, I've been thinking a lot about what I accomplished and what I didn't accomplish in 2018 and exactly how do I take those lessons with me in 2019? So, let me break down my challenge to you. If not right away, then over the holidays and certainly before you show back up to work in 2019...I would love for you to ask yourself the same questions I've been working through:

  1. What value did you bring to your work, to your team?

  2. Did you push yourself to reach beyond your job description?

  3. Did you invest in your own learning or upskilling?

  4. Do you value those you work with? (If yes, do they know - have you told them? If not, why and how can you help change that?)

  5. Do you help those you work with without looking for recognition or reward?

  6. Do you do small things? (Say hello/thank you. Offer a positive word or comment?)

  7. Do you eat your lunch away from your desk and sit with others?

  8. If you see someone struggling to finish a piece of work do you offer your assistance?

  9. Do you focus on the positive with purpose? (Do you set your intention to be positive?)

  10. Do you consider other's points of view?

  11. Are you awesome? (That's just my cheeky way of ending my reflection. I usually answer that statement with, "Well, close Renata...keep working at it!)

In the end, if we can focus more on being the type of people we wished we worked with, we end up leading by example...and then somehow as if by a miracle...we end up actually working with the type of people we want to work with.

I'll ask the same question I asked in August, how do you show up for your team? If you feel like you haven't been, all good. Then how will you show up for your team in 2019?