Leadership is not about You

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

My opinion is that if you want to be a great leader for your team, you have to realize that it's not about you. What is it about?

  • Being clear about the direction and strategy for the team

  • Modeling collaborative, open, and honest behavior and communication

  • Removing roadblocks

  • Providing support and guidance when it's needed

  • Getting out of the way and letting your team do their jobs - no micromanaging

  • Focusing on the development of others

  • Celebrating the individual and team successes, as their own

  • Giving credit

  • Recognizing One on One sessions are their meetings, not yours

  • Giving your team space to grow through trial and error

Ultimately, you are there to serve, inspire, and lead others. It can feel like a thankless job at times as sometimes being an effective leader means you stay hidden. However, I feel that if the team is feeling successful and productive then I must be doing ok.