Leadership is not about You

My opinion is that if you want to be a great leader for your team, you have to realize that it's not about you. What is it about?

  • Being clear about the direction and strategy for the team

  • Modeling collaborative, open and honest behavior and communication

  • Removing roadblocks

  • Providing support and guidance when it's needed

  • Getting out of the way and letting your team do their jobs - no micromanaging

  • Focusing on the development of others

  • Celebrating the individual and team successes, as their own

  • Giving credit

  • Recognizing One on One sessions are their meetings, not yours

  • Giving your team space to grow through trial and error

Ultimately, you are there to serve, inspire and lead others. It can feel like a thankless job at times as sometimes being an effective leader means you stay hidden. However, I feel that if the team are feeling successful and productive then I must be doing ok.


Katy Wilson | Tide Swimming | President

Renata's work with our organization exceeded my already high expectations.


Before working on site with our staff leadership, she spent abundant amounts of time understanding who we were and zeroing in on how to best shape the workshop to meet our organization's needs. 


The workshop itself and the output generated gave our organization a firm foundation to operate consciously - vision, values, behaviors, efficiency - and take care of our staff professionally. These three things will enable our organization to better serve our members.  Renata is a workhorse with a calm and firm presence to facilitate occasionally tenuous conversations.  I recommend Renata without reservations



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