Cultures Don't Change People

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

People Change Cultures.

I believe that most of us have an understanding of what good company culture is and what it isn't. However, through many conversations I've had lately, I'm starting to notice a trend in how people feel about their company culture. Most people feel there is nothing they can do about it, that it all stems from the top down or it's much bigger than just "little ole me".

While part of me understands that point of view, part of me feels that can't be right. I believe a lot of companies know they need to make a shift with their culture and they might even have an idea of what they want and how it will align with their overall strategy. But I think the big miss, is that people feel the change is going to happen due to a strategy or document and don't quite put it together that in order for the desired behavior to change...PEOPLE...have to actually walk the talk. That means that not only top-down but bottom-up and sideways. All employees need to grab hold of and be committed to the values, mindsets, and behaviors. People need to show (or walk the talk) while working with their colleagues, customers and any other stakeholders they come across.

The behaviors need to be present in all and exemplified and amplified by the leaders, but I don't believe the behaviors solely sit with the leaders. We are all responsible for the culture of where we work. Now, there are many places that really don't give a hoot about their company culture or maybe they do but are so lost that they don't even know where to begin. Many people would leave and that's ok. Or they feel they have no control and they just accept the status quo to keep their paycheck. But you do have control? As a manager, you have control over your team, so why not focus on the culture of your team. Even if you aren't a manager, you have control over your own behavior and values, so what changes can you put in place to make today a better day at work?

Manager or not, we all can do our part in creating a great environment at work and, who knows, maybe you chip away at the companies culture a piece at a time and really create change.

Lead with Greatness!