Are you using 360 Feedback

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

What are you doing with that 360 feedback??

Companies more and more are embracing 360 feedback. This type of feedback is such an excellent tool, if it's used correctly and if the results are reflected upon to make necessary changes.

360 feedback, in my opinion, should not be used for performance evaluation. It's much more effective if it's used as a development tool. But in all honesty, in my experience, the feedback is just presented and that's the last you hear of it.

So why bother?

It seems silly that companies will run through the process and sometimes even hire consultants to manage the process and the results aren't used at all...other than to be turned into a nifty little booklet of what everyone said about you.

As a company, why not use the results to:

  • Plan the person's professional development.

  • Evaluate what kind of training is needed (whether it's for one person, or maybe there is a trend happening).

  • Evaluate if teams are effective, supportive and actually working well as one together.

I think the biggest miss though, is how we as individuals use those results. I bet if the company dismisses them, so do you. Why? What an excellent learning opportunity you have





As with all feedback, people don't want to face negative evaluations about themselves. And it's human nature to explain away why someone said something, to make excuses, so you feel better about yourself.

You are missing the point if you aren't taking the results to truly analyze how you can be better. And as a manager or leader of others, one key way that you can build trust with those in your charge is to actually take on board the feedback.

So get over yourself, pour yourself a drink and get into it.

To grow as an individual, why not use the results to:

  • Increase your self-awareness. Take pleasure in your strengths and recognize your gaps.

  • Accept your blindspots. Write down ways that you can close those gaps and start taking action. No one says you have to be perfect overnight, just take one step at a time. At the very least, if it's poor behavior, the fact that you recognize it will give you pause before engaging in that behavior again.

  • Leverage your strengths. How can you use those strengths in other areas and make them repeatable for success?

  • Plan your development. Having this feedback arms you with information on areas where you might need specific development attention. The information is there in black and white, use it!

  • Build trust with your team. If you take your team and your peer's feedback seriously and engage in behavior that shows them you appreciate their honesty, you will build some serious bonds of trust.

Don't let the results from the 360 feedback exercise go unused. It's a wonderful tool for your growth. Get over yourself and embrace it.

What do you think?

Lead with Greatness! -Renata