It Is Time!

It’s time to accept that you or your company’s management practices have not kept up with the world we live in today.  It’s time to take a step forward and treat your people as, well, people in order to propel your company forward. 

Our Philosophy

Our world changes too quickly to assume that those in your charge have no more value than to tick boxes. Being a connected leader means you engage, empower and challenge your people in ways that makes them excited to be a part of your team. When you have people who have purpose, feel valued and know they provide value, you will move your business in ways you never thought possible and achieve successes on many different levels. ​

Our Philosophy

No Theory | No Fluff

At Renata Porter Limited we help you develop your leaders by delivering a customized Leadership Program that builds skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively connect and lead those in their charge.


We recognize that your people need to come up to speed quickly, with real and actionable approaches that are supported both by us and their senior management.  We combine delivering training that can be implemented immediately with the support to reinforce those practices until they are embedded. 

That's right. We don’t believe in a “one and done” practice. We get right to it and we stay with you until your people are confident and your teams are producing. We work with leaders both one on one or in groups. We can customize our programs to suit your needs. 

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Working with Renata Porter

Happy Clients

What they're saying

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​Renata's work with our organization exceeded my already high expectations.

Before working on site with our staff leadership, she spent abundant amounts of time understanding who we were and zeroing in on how to best shape the workshop to meet our organization's needs.

The workshop itself and the output generated gave our organization a firm foundation to operate consciously - vision, values, behaviors, efficiency - and take care of our staff professionally. These three things will enable our organization to better serve our members.

Renata is a workhorse with a calm and firm presence to facilitate occasionally tenuous conversations.  I recommend Renata without reservations

​We were primed for our next stage of growth and I knew we needed additional structure as well as a thorough plan to take on new clients and staff.

Katy Wilson


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In just a short amount of time, Renata made a remarkable difference in LN Accounting. She is able to understand what we needed as an organization and was able to provide her expertise to help us with our growth. Her approach is professional, open and completely geared towards my company.

When she says she doesn’t deal in fluff or theory, she means it. Everything she put forward, including her guidance, was always in my best interest. You will see improvements in efficiencies and processes in your business within days of Renata working with you. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about her or her work. I would highly recommend Renata.

​Lahari Neelapareddy

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Working with Renata has been a dream come true. Our swim team, Coast Guard Blue Dolphins, had stalled a bit in our strategic planning. Renata came in and gave us direction, guidance, structure, everything we needed to get back on track.


Our in-person meeting with her ended with a step-by-step plan that we needed to make our team successful in the short and long term. Her dedication to this process didn't end with that meeting, she has continued to check in and push us to pursue the goals we set for ourselves to ensure we achieve them. 

I would highly recommend Renata for any organization that needs assistance with their goal setting, organizational development, or really anything else. Her steady hand in conversation seems to apply to any issue your organization is working through.


Lindsay Kramer