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Having difficult conversations at work is never easy, but avoiding them could create a big divide and dysfunction with those you manage or work with. This program gives you the tools to have these difficult conversations and how to reach the best possible outcomes for each situation. You will learn to manage these conversations in a way that is outcome-focused and builds trust with your team and peers. After this course, you will be able to work through your doubts and fears and the difficult conversation with confidence and poise.

While the structure is there, this is a customized program designed to speak to your specific needs and requirements. The timing is also adjusted to suit the method of delivery that works best for you and your company. 

Managing Difficult Conversations

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Renata Porter programs are customized to your requirements and designed to focus on areas that you need the most help in. If there's a course we do which you're interested in, get in touch early so we can tailor the course to your goals.

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